Frequently Asked Questions
Why Should I Use Opal Pivot ?
-Opal Pivot Irrigation Systems allow you to irrigate your field more efficiently and equally by using less water and work force than other irrigation methods.
What is System life for  Pivot Irrigation System?
- The system life of our irrigation systems is much longer than other systems. Average 25-30 years.
Is Pivot Irrigation System Suitable for My Land?
- Our irrigation systems are designed to show compliance with all terrain requirements. Center, Linear and Universal systems are designed according to your field and installed by our technical team.
My Current Irrigation Capacity of Water "x m³ / h" and the pressure "x ATM", can i use Pivot Irrigation System?
-Sprinklers are calculated and projected according to the irrigation capacity and pressure of your plant.
How can we install The Pivot System ?
- Our technical team for the purchased pivot irrigation system performs your field installation.
Is It Your Own Production?
-Yes, our systems are 100% Turkish and Domestic Production.
Are You Selling Pivot Systems  to Rest of The World?
-Yes, in 3 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe), dozens of country  using our systems on their fields.
Does it Comply with International Standards?
- Our systems are proper to international standards and CE certificate.
What is the Brand of Sprink Heads You Use in Your Systems?
-We use our own brand OPES irrigation sprinklers.
Do You Have Technical Service for Solution in Case of a Probable Failure in the System ?
-Yes, in case of failure in our systems, our technical service will help you as soon as possible.
Does Your Pivot Systems Have a Guarantee?
- Our systems have a valid warranty for 2 years from installation.
How Do I Control the Pivot System ?
-Panel control of our systems is designed in a very simple and understandable way, you will be informed about the use of control panel after the field installation and the solution of possible simple faults.
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