We produce the world's most advanced system in the field of agricultural irrigation, Center Pivot, Linear Pivot and Universal Pivot systems. Opal Pivot offers an integrated range of products, systems and services to add value to the needs of each manufacturer. We have been operating in Turkey and all over the world. Opal pivot irrigation systems play an important role in supplying the most basic human needs. Some of the countries where our systems are working: Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Qatar, Egypt, Mozambique, Algeria, Libya, Iraq etc.

With the continuous increase in the global population, food production will require a higher product yield and therefore more efficient use of land and water will be required.

Our main product groups are: Center Pivot, Linear Pivot and Universal Pivot irrigation systems. In addition, our irrigation systems, irrigation head, gear box, drive motor, wheel and control panels are Opal branded and 100% domestic production.

Opal Pivot Irrigation systems increase the productivity of the product by distributing water equal to each point in the irrigation of the agricultural area and ensure that you get quality products in each region.

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